What To Do After A Heart Attack: The First Hour Is Critical

Heart attacks can occur suddenly and without prior indications. It leads to an emergency medical situation. During this time, it is important to know the right precautions to take; otherwise, the likelihood of survival decreases. The first hour after the heart attack is crucial for treatment. If the right medical help is provided during this time, it increases the probability of survival. That is why opting for the best heart hospital in Delhi is advisable.  

The first hour after the heart attack is referred to as the Golden Hour. It is so named because this hour can save the life of a patient suffering from a heart attack. However, if proper medical help is unavailable during this period, the chances of survival go down. 

A Brief About The Golden Hour 

Anyone who receives good medical treatment from the best heart hospital in Delhi during the golden hour has a good chance of recovery. During this time, the healthcare experts can work towards opening the artery that was blocked. It may help save the heart muscles from dying. So, proper medical treatment received by the patient between the 1st couple of hours after a heart attack is life-saving.  

Generally, a delay of 5 to 6 hours in the patient’s treatment after a heart attack is where the risk lies. During this time, a significant portion of the heart muscle may get damaged beyond repair. 

Studies say that more than 47% of heart attacks occur in patients before they reach the hospital. It means that the family members of the patients need to respond with immediate medical support to save the patient from dying of a cardiac arrest. It is crucial to contact the best heart hospital in Delhi for treatment at this point. 

The Golden Hour allows the patient, the family members, and the medical staff to take the right precautions and save a life. It is because the failure of the heart muscles starts to occur between 80 to 90 minutes of the heart attack. It happens once the heart stops receiving adequate blood. So, if the blood circulation is restored at the right time, life can be saved.

Abnormal heart rhythms are also another way to spot a problem. It is why an ECG monitor is attached to the patient suffering from a heart attack as soon as they reach the hospital. With the help of an ECG, doctors can identify the abnormality in the heart rhythm and treat the patient accordingly. 

What Are The Signs Of A Heart Attack?

The signs of a heart attack may differ from person to person. However, the moment you identify someone suffering from even one of these signs do not hesitate to call upon the heart attack doctor urgently. The signs are: 

  • Feeling of restlessness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Burning sensation in the chest
  • Profuse sweating
  • Constant pain in the back, jaw, and left arm

How To respond after a Heart Attack?

  • Have the emergency numbers of the best heart hospitals in Delhi for the safety of the patient. 
  • Instead of driving the car yourself during a heart failure, call for an ambulance to reach the hospital if you are alone. 
  • If you think you might have a heart attack soon, call a friend or family. You can connect with anyone you think is reliable to be there for you on time. 

Why Choose The Best Heart Hospital In Delhi?

It is imperative to choose the best heart hospital in Delhi so that you can save your life. Although other hospitals may be able to help you, they might not have the best technologies or medical personnel to detect a heart attack on time and provide necessary treatment. Also, the medical treatment and heart health care taken in the best heart hospital in Delhi is bound to be better than one you can get anywhere else. 

End Note

Medical help during or after a heart attack is crucial. However, the first hour after the heart attack is even more important. Keep the pointers in mind to help save a life. Make the necessary lifestyle changes including proper diet and exercise to keep the risks of a heart attack at bay. It will help sustain your health and avoid critical health disorders.



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