Racism treats people differently due to their different colors, status, or beliefs. It is a view that one race is superior or inferior to another and that a person’s social and moral attributes are predetermined by their genetic characteristics. It is the concept that people of various races should be kept separate. In Islam, racial views are despised and condemned. Racism is so common these days everywhere. In some western countries, white people are treated differently from black people. Due to their beliefs and religion, Muslims are considered inferior in many parts of the world. Racism has taken place everywhere. But as we all know, Islam is the religion of peace and harmony. Islam does not accept or promote any racism. The Holy Quran and Sunnah have taught us to be just to everyone and that no person should be considered superior to another person.  

This is the reason that racism is not a part of Muslim culture. Muslims worldwide believe in inequality because it is their religion that has taught them to be anti-racist. Islam, in many places, has taught us to treat everyone equally. Islam has all given the lessons of tolerance, justice, and equality, and there is no place for racism in the religion of Islam.  

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The religion Islam always preached tolerance to the people, and ALLAH(SWT) has declared so many rewards for the people who practice tolerance with the people. Tolerance here means respecting the beliefs and cultures of other people. You have to be sensible enough to respect other people’s religions and cultures, you don’t have to accept them, but you should not be intolerable towards them. You should not treat someone differently because they have different religious and cultural practices. The Holy PROPHET (PBUH) also told us that we should treat everyone equally, even if they are from different religions, and follow books other than Holy Quran. 


The religion Islam has always been against racism. Islam has always emphasized promoting peace and harmony among people. Just because a person is a nonbeliever, he does not become the enemy of Muslims. The Muslims are instructed to treat them with love and not fight with them unless they hurt them. Allah does not ban Muslims from being friendly, maintaining ties, returning Favours, and being fair to mushrikeen (polytheists), whether family or strangers, as long as they are not battling you because of your religion or attempting to push you out of your homes. This shows that Islam has taught Muslims to have a peaceful relationship with Non-Muslims. 


The holy Quran and Sunnah teach Muslims to be just with everyone. No matter what religion a person is following. Whether he is a Muslim or a nonbeliever, the laws and principles should be the same for everyone. No one should be considered superior or inferior. In the Quran, ALLAH (SWT) has mentioned being just with the people. Justice should be practiced with everyone and not Muslims only. Justice with all signifies that there is no place for discrimination and racism in Islam. ALLAH (SWT) mentioned in Holy Quran: “Indeed, Allah commands you to render trusts to whom they are due, and when you judge between people, to judge with justice. Excellent is that which Allah instructs you. Indeed, Allah is ever Hearing and Seeing.” (Quran 4:58)


Racism happens when the other individual is not given the respect due to his different color, culture, and religion. Islam says to be respectable towards every individual. Whether a person is black or white, rich or poor, everyone should be respected irrespective of their social status. The Holy Prophet also mentioned once (interpretation of the meaning): “No white has superiority over black and no black has superiority over white.” Thus, every individual has to be respected, and no matter their social standing, all should be treated equally and with respect.  Get the idea from, Understanding the Quran Course.


Islam is the religion that promotes brotherhood and equality and does not allow any discrimination. Until his last sermon, the Holy Prophet also preached to us about love, peace, brotherhood, and equality. No one can claim supremacy over another based on race, color, language, or economic status. And when we know about Islam and its teaching, we know that Islam does not support any racism.  



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