What are the Positioning Factors in Local SEO?

There are several factors that guarantee that the positioning of your Local SEO Brisbane is really effective, but the really essential ones are the following:

  • As we have already mentioned (and we will develop in detail later) one of the most important factors is the creation of Google My Business. By having this profile, our presence will be greater and the possibility of being found on the platform will be much greater.
  • Presence of our business in several directories such as Yellow Pages or Yelp will make it easier for our business to be found.
  • Having profiles on social networks helps our engagement to be greater and generates trust and greater connection with customers.
  • If our content is unique and personalized, Google will give us a better SEO position.
  • The opinions of users, including those that influencers or bloggers may give us.
  • Links to our website. If we get our website to be linked by sites with a good domain authority, our SEO presence will be favored.
  • The inclusion of our location with a Google Maps map. On one or all the pages of our website (for example, in the footer).
  • The Geolocation of our images is a plus as it helps Google to know more about your location.

How is your business boosted thanks to a local SEO strategy?

The search engines that your potential client uses to find companies that interest them use Geolocation to offer them the closest options.

Therefore, depending on the place where the user is located, before a general search, such as “clothing store”, some results will appear, or others.

For example, if a person is in Madrid and performs a search, either a voice search , or a manual search on Google, for example “clothing store”, at that moment the companies that stand out as clothing stores will appear the surroundings of the place in Madrid where you are.

However, if that user, the next day, travels to Brisbane and does exactly the same search, he will not get the same results. In that case, he will get the results from clothing stores closest to his position in Brisbane.

For this reason, and for others that if you have a local business, Google and the other search engines know it. This will help you be more visible to users doing related searches in your area and therefore boost your business and bring you more sales.

What is Google My Business for?

Being present in Google My Business is essential if you have your company, because basically, this is your company’s profile on Google.

By having your business on GMB, you will be telling Google that your business exists, is real, and where it is located. This way, people will be able to find you.

Thanks to being in Google My Business, you will be able to appear in local search results, for example, on Google Maps.

Continuing with the example of shoe stores, when someone searches for a nearby shoe store on their map, your business may appear in their results, even if it is the first time they visit your city and they do not know you at all.

Google My Business you can (and should) incorporate all the main data of your business, such as, for example, the exact address, the customer service hours, if you have a web page where they can consult or even purchase your products and / or services, the telephone number and, of course, a small (but clear) description of your company. The same way, you can also upload a few images (taking care that they are attractive and that their resolution is good) of your business: the façade, some of the interior, some product…

With GMB you can receive evaluations of your business from your clients. Who can rate it from 1 to 5 stars. The more and better real reviews you have, the more chances you have to get new customers. In addition, it is one of the most important and helpful factors for our local SEO.

william jhon

william jhon

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