TP Link Extender Not Connecting to Router? Here’s the Fix!

TP Link Extender

TP Link Range extenders for WiFi are among the top choices for those looking to have fast and reliable internet services throughout their home. As an WiFi gadget, TP Link WiFi range extenders also have technical problems. One of the most frequently reported issues among thousands TP Link extender users is that they cannot connect to their router. And, due to this error, they are unable to log in to their TP Link extender using http //

Are you also on the same vessel? If so, we have a plan of rescue for you. This TP Link troubleshooting post, we’ve provided the top methods to follow that will be able fix the “TP Link extender not connecting to router” problem in a snap. If you want to fix the issue quickly we will continue reading.

TP Link Extender Not Connecting to Router

The Fixes

Fix 1 – Use an Ethernet Cable

Before you begin any troubleshooting method to resolve “TP Link extender not connecting to router” problem We recommend that you establish sure you have a secure and solid Ethernet connectivity between your router and extender. In order to do this, you’ll need use a safe and functional Ethernet cable. This will make sure you that the TP Link extender and router remain secure.

Fix 2 – Power Cycle Your TP Link Extender

In the case of WiFi extension devices, it is essential to be sure that the TP Link device is free of technical issues. In the event of a malfunction, nothing will stop you from having connectivity issues with your router. To eliminate technical issues, it’s recommended to turn off power to the TP Link extender.

Here’s how you can turn off your Link extender: Link extender:

  • Unplug all devices associated with the TP Link extender’s SSID, even routers.
  • When you’re done you are done, disconnect from your TP Link extender and wait for a few seconds.
  • Plug your extender back into the wall socket that is working.

Try connecting to your TP Link extender and router to the router again, then launch TP Link app login, and determine whether the power cycling procedure has helped you resolve the problem. If the same issue persist, do not delay to use the following troubleshooting tips.

Bonus: You’re always welcome to seek our advice regarding TP Link login app.

Fix 3 – Update the Firmware of the Extender

A broken firmware of the extended TP Link wifi device could be one of the main reasons for why you unit (extender) isn’t connecting to your router. To avoid other technical issues, be sure that you upgrade the firmware on the TP Link Range extender WiFi.

After you have updated to update the TP Link extender’s firmware to the latest version, attempt to establish the connection between the two devices once more. Are you experiencing issues with your TP Link extender not connecting to your router, despite having applied all the solutions provided in the previous article? Don’t worry about it! It is likely that your ISP is to blame. If that is the scenario, we advise that you call your ISP immediately.

Fix 4 – Reset Your TP Link Extender

Still experiencing “TP Link extender not connecting to router” problem? If yes resetting the extender should be your only option.

Follow the steps outlined below and learn the steps to reset your Link WiFi range extender TP Link Wireless range extender

  • Turn on the extension device TP Link extender.
  • Find the reset hole in the device.
  • If you find it, grab the toothpick, oil pin or paper clip pin.
  • Hold the hole in the extender’s reset button for a few seconds.
  • Let go of your TP Link extender reset hole now.

In this manner you’ll be in a position to reset you TP Link WiFi extender to factory default settings. Then, connect the TP Link extender and router to look to see if the final guideline solves the problem for you.

Bonus: You could also connect the TP Link extender and router by pressing this button. All you need do is click the WPS button on your TP Link extender and , after it, connect your router.

In the blink of an eye the router as well as TP Link extender will be connected. However, you must make sure that the router you have is equipped with an WPS button.

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