Top Websites and Blogs to Learn Excel Tips and Tricks


Audiences were captivated when Good Will Hunting was released. It was a simple story with an intricacy that blew people away. A story that should be revisited every now and then to understand that the complexity of life, lies in its naiveté simplicity. Utilize your TV and Internet packages and watch this movie that spoke volumes through its words and silence as well. MS Excel is similar to Good Will Hunting. It’s that one MS Office program that still scares people, no matter how successful they are in their professional life.

The reason is simple: MS Excel is a program built on intelligent formulas that need to be used smartly. However, these formulas often baffle learners, who then label Excel as a complicated program, which it is not. What it needs is practice and correct guidance.

Reasons to Learn MS Excel

Most people, after having had a good stint in their career, question the purpose and use behind learning Excel. The best part is that there is no age for learning. Excel is more than making tables. It’s more about organizing your data in a manner that’s accessible and understandable, whenever you visit it.

Moreover, it helps you forecast accurate business predictions. Excels ensures that problem-solving becomes easy-peasy and helps you complete your tasks lists. Nevertheless, the best part is that MS Excel is a strong addition to your professional profile and may help you get a raise in your existing employment. It also makes your profile stand out at a job interview, just because there’s a mention of Excel in your resume.

Top Websites And Blogs To Learn Excel Tips And Tricks

We rounded some of our favorite websites and blogs here, so you can also check them out if you are interested in learning MS Excel:

Excel Easy

This is an excellent website for beginners who are interested in MS Excel. If you believe that MS Excel is too much to handle and learning it might be trickier than expected, then Excel Easy is right for you! Although most mathematical-related domains are designed unusually, all learning levels can approach them. But the beauty of this website is that it teaches you, MS Excel, just like you would teach ABC to a little kid.All topics are in chronological order, so users learn from easy steps and gradually move on to the difficult ones. Each topic each function each tool and even the menus are explained individually so there is no confusion in the learner’s head.

The pace of the course is average, so the learner does not feel rushed. Around 300 examples of basic excel sheet functions, which include Histogram, Regression, etc. illustrated with examples that make the concept even clear to a beginner. What’s more, is that all examples aim to help the learner grasp the fundamentals more effectively.

Excel Hero

This site is a shining star, just like its namesake. Set up as a blog, which consists of all kinds of excel-related topics, from simple to difficult ones, you don’t want to miss this one out! Whether you want to learn multiple VBA functions to automate your excel sheets or build data analytics applications for your newly booming business, you will enjoy learning from this website. It ensures that you are never bored while learning excel. Moreover, the learner can download workbooks as per his learning level to practice Excel skills and confidently use them, both in their personal and professional space.

Mr. Excel

Whether you intend to learn Excel Function Wall Clock or want to practice Excel Dynamic Arrays Book, you will get detailed lessons on this site. The only drawback of this fantastic website is that learners get extensive knowledge about the different products found in Excel, which might not come under the free plan. So if you are interested, you can choose their premium plan and activate it for a minimum fee. Although this website is designed for excel only, there are several non-excel functions, which can also be used effectively.


This website is ideal for all those people, who enjoy a good video tutorial. If you are not a fan of websites, which contain lots of notes and pictures, then try Udemy! There’s a good reason why the video lectures on this website are called stellar. That’s because MS Excel is divided into different levels, which are both free and paid. So if you want to learn MS Excel like a proper course, and also intend to receive a certificate in the process, then enroll yourself in one of Udemy’s video courses.

Simply select the level you want to study, check if it’s free or paid, sign in, and TADA! You just signed up for an MS Excel Certificate Course on Udemy. The best part of this website is its expansive library, where you can find free/paid video tutorials on all kinds of subjects. So, irrespective of what your learning level is, you will always find a course that’s right for you!

Improve Your Excel

Have you been reading and watching all kinds of tutorials to learn MS Excel? Are you still clueless about the MS Office program that seems to baffle almost every other person you have spoken to? Well, your search ends here. As the tagline on this website says ‘We’ve searched so you don’t have to’, that’s exactly what you will get. This website is a comprehensive source on all things Excel. What’s more is that it has several webinars that aim to educate people in simple, clear, lucid language, so that all the confusion of the learner evaporates in a single go!

Wrapping up

Although Excel may intimidate you, this doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t learn something different! Take baby steps and start learning Excel as it will prove to be wonderful for you, both on your resume and skills-wise.

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