Top EMR Companies In USA

Cerner is among the Top EMR Companies In USA and controls nearly a quarter of the US hospital EHR market. In 2019, the company partnered with Uber Health to make it easier for patients to book transportation to and from a doctor’s office. Moreover, Cerner teamed up with Amazon Web Services to offer COVID data for researchers. For the next coming years, more companies will likely follow Cerner’s lead.

MicroMD EMR is a HIPAA-certified system with practice management and billing modules. With MicroMD EMR, you can manage and track patient records and complete billing and practice management processes with ease. Its features include streamlined encounter capture, multiple charting methods, e-Prescribing, and a patient portal. The practice management and billing modules provide features that simplify the process and enhance patient satisfaction. MicroMD also offers features to secure patient health information, improve data sharing, and protect reimbursement applications.

This HIPAA-certified system comes with practice management and billing modules. Its registration tools ensure accurate patient data and manage recalls, fresh signups, and temporary registration. Its scanning features enable you to track insurance calls and drivers’ licenses, which improves patient convenience. The practice management and billing modules help streamline administrative tasks and improve patient care. These tools help you achieve more in less time.

Besides being HIPAA-certified, MicroMD is HIPAA-compliant. Its practice management and billing modules also enable you to manage patient demographics and billing. You can also enter patient data like diagnosis, drug prescriptions, and previous visits. Medical personnel can build customizable templates for registration forms, treatment plans, and notes. These tools allow them to manage and maintain patient information without the hassle of writing and typing.

The practice management and billing modules are built for medical practices, so they’re easy to use. The software has a comprehensive customer support system. The customer support team is available to answer any questions and offer support when necessary. They have also designed the MicroMD EHR for HIPAA-compliant medical practices. The practice management and billing modules make the system incredibly functional.

Praxis EMR is a flexible medical records solution that allows practitioners to generate, customize, and share documents as they want

Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes Praxis EMR an excellent choice for smaller practices that are looking for a solution that can grow with them. Its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) makes it easy to navigate and understand, and it even learns from your actions, so that you can chart and customize your documents to fit your style. This ease of use is an important factor for small practices, as it enables doctors to customize their documents as they see fit, reducing medical error.

Another benefit of Praxis EMR is its ability to generate, customize, and share documents as desired. It uses artificial intelligence to learn from your preferences and tailor itself to suit your practice. It uses this information to provide a personalized experience to every physician. Praxis EMR is easy to use, so you can get started immediately. You can even create and customize documents on the go.

The medication module lets patients enter details about their medications, add new pharmacies, save their favorites, and get educational links. Another powerful feature is the appointment module, which can send automated reminders for appointments and reduce missed appointments. It also has a master schedule so that admins can view the schedules of every practitioner in a practice. Lastly, an internal messaging system allows medical professionals to consolidate their workflows.

Among the most popular electronic medical record solutions, Praxis EMR is an award-winning solution. Two major physician surveys gave it the highest satisfaction rating. Black BookMarket Research and the American Academy of Family Physicians surveyed physician satisfaction with the software. Furthermore, ACP’s AmericanEHR Partners ranked Praxis EMR at the top in various categories.


The Allscripts EHR system is a comprehensive medical records management system that includes patient information, lab systems, surgical and wound care modules, and other health-related data. Its streamlined functionality makes it easy for medical organizations to collaborate with other health departments, thereby enhancing patient care. This company also provides managed services, which can be challenging for healthcare organizations. However, it is worth noting that Allscripts has an excellent reputation in the U.S. and worldwide.

Allscripts offers several EMR solutions that are highly customizable to fit the needs of medical practices. The Allscripts Sunrise EHR is designed for large practices, community hospitals, and ambulatory practices, while the Allscripts Paragon EHR is aimed at smaller health networks and community clinics. The company has acquired other companies and businesses in the past, such as Healthline. While their products have a good reputation, Allscripts has gone through an internal battle in 2012, resulting in a loss of some of its biggest clients. However, the company continues to operate from its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and has several offices around the world.

The Allscripts EHR is an excellent option for medical practices of all sizes. Its scheduling features are first-rate, and it’s easy to learn and use, as long as you contact the sales team. Other benefits of Allscripts EHR include a patient portal, messaging capabilities, telehealth features, and much more. Additionally, it helps medical practices manage themselves through its reporting dashboard and third-party software integrations.

In the last year, Allscripts had a good year, with sales reaching $1.7 billion. However, the company experienced a decrease in market share in 2019 due to a number of reasons. One reason was the loss of government contracts. The company’s growth has been slow in recent years, and the losses were offset by higher bookings. Despite the recent drop, the company remains one of the top EMR companies in the USA.
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Founded in 1979 by three accountants in Kansas City, Missouri, Cerner is one of the top EMR (electronic medical records) companies in the USA. Its mission is to create a better world for medical practitioners and their patients by providing quality health information technology solutions and services. The company serves health care providers of all sizes and 55 different specialties. Recently, Cerner was named one of the 50 most innovative companies in the USA by Forbes Magazine and is also a great place for new graduates to work.

Cerner EHR is used by the Department of Defense and has replaced the DoD’s legacy health information technology system. This technology is used in 55 military and civilian hospitals and over 350 clinics. The transition is ongoing, but the company is on track for full deployment within the next couple of years. Cerner has partnered with Ascension Health, the largest nonprofit health system in the U.S., since 2004. Both companies have experienced growth and have improved patient outcomes using Cerner EHR.

The company’s EMR system provides greater efficiency for the medical care team and improves patient care. The company’s HealtheIntent cloud-based platform is an enterprise-wide longitudinal EMR that offers real-time access to patient medical records, results, and clinical information across care disciplines. The company also maintains the highest level of patient confidentiality.

The company has an extensive track record of success. This project required the replacement of the DOD’s legacy health IT system with Cerner’s EHR.


With its fully integrated electronic health record and practice management software, Greenway Health provides comprehensive practice management and electronic health records solutions. Its solutions improve patient care coordination, quality, and cost efficiency. With over 40 specialties and a subscription model that’s customizable, Greenway has a solution for every need. It’s also a leader in customer service with its Champions program. You can find out more about Greenway by visiting the website.

Greenway Health is one of the leading EHR providers in the USA, having recently won the Black Book Rankings. The survey of primary care EHR users found Greenway Health edged out Practice Fusion in the rankings. It received the highest overall customer satisfaction scores of all surveyed primary care EHR systems, including the top spot in both 2013 and 2014. It also scored highest in patient health data management, order entry, and administrative processing.

The company’s billing module provides information on insurance eligibility, patient co-pay and deductible, and payer obligation. In addition to providing important information about patients’ health care, Greenway’s billing module also allows doctors to view and update patient charts and manage their patients’ records. Greenway’s customer support team is responsive to customers’ concerns.

One of the top cloud-based EHR systems, Praxis is highly customizable and certified for MACRA and CMS Quality Reporting Programs. Its AI operating system, dubbed Concept Processing, is a unique feature that sets it apart from the competition. It has even helped reduce physician burnout.




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