Tips for Parking an Electric Scooter in Public

Electric scooters not only offer riders flexibility when driving, but also when parking or stowing away. Electric scooters can be easily brought indoors or parked outside as they are lightweight, foldable and non-detachable. However, e-scooters can be a nuisance to pedestrians and other cyclists if left outside.

Improper parking can block sidewalks or bike lanes, causing congestion, confusion and safety issues. Fortunately, this can be avoided if you know how to behave properly in public. This e-scooter guide provides tips on keeping your e-scooter safe and legal in public.

Common mistakes when parking electric scooters

Whether you drive a private or a shared Electric scooter, don’t miss this parking lot.

Private parking;

Avoid parking in front of another person’s home or private office. Park in public areas instead.

At the bus stop;

Do not park e-scooters at bus stops or subway stations as they may obstruct pedestrians or other traffic.

Parking near emergency exits or gates;

In an emergency, the electric scooter can cross the road and cause a dangerous situation.

Block passage;
Improper placement on sidewalks and crosswalks can pose a hazard to pedestrians, the disabled, and other cyclists.

Lay on a flat surface;

The e-scooter blocks the path of pedestrians when using a shared e-scooter and prevents other drivers from picking it up.

How can you park your electric scooter outside?

1. Think before you park;

Before parking and storing your e-scooter, it is important to evaluate the parking space before departure. First, don’t make the mistake of getting in the way of others. On the sidewalk, driveway or building entrance? Then you better look for another place for your electric scooter. Note that improper storage of your e-scooter may result in fines or disqualification. So remember to walk in designated areas and sidewalks to avoid discomfort.

2. Find the perfect parking space;

The best parking spots are e-scooter lots, bike lots, walker furniture areas, areas near sidewalks, and areas that don’t block the road or are busy with traffic or traffic. Also remember not to park in loading bays, ramps or green spaces. However, if possible, find a bike tire or e-scooter to keep your e-scooter upright and safe.

3. Keep it right;

When storing your electric scooter, consider lowering the bracket to prevent the electric scooter from falling. Place the electric scooter against the wall so that it does not block the pedestrian walkways. Also, remember to place it on a flat, stable surface. Finally, when using a shared e-scooter, park it in a location or place where the next driver can easily reach it.

4. Lock your electric scooter;

Unfortunately, leaving your electric scooter outside will result in theft. Because it’s light and easy to carry, anyone can steal it, especially if it’s unprotected. Even if your area has a lot of bike thefts, chances are there are e-scooter thieves too.

Prevent your electric scooter from being stolen by locking the e-scooter to the wheel or e-scooter wheel with a secure and durable lock. There are several locks to choose from, from cable locks to chain locks. If you don’t know which lock to buy, this e-scooter guide will show you which lock to buy.

Cold weather parking;

As you know, cold weather affects the battery life of an electric scooter. Lithium batteries use chemical reactions to work, and cold weather can slow or stop these reactions. This in turn degrades performance and battery life, reducing range. So what to do if you have to leave your electric scooter outside in cold weather?

One way to keep him warm is to cover him with a blanket or electric blanket. In order to prevent the electric scooter from freezing, there are inexpensive housings with insulating material. A blanket or lid is placed around the lid to protect the battery. If the battery is in the case, close the case. However, you can cover the entire cover to protect your electric scooter from cold and dirt.

Park safely;

Whether you drive a private or shared e Scooter for Adult, consider the following tips to promote your e-scooter. Remember that one of the advantages of electric scooters is the efficient use of space. But people and cities cannot make the situation worse if drivers carefully dismount from their e-scooters.

Make a habit of parking in designated spaces away from crowds, pedestrians and traffic. In addition to the safety of your e-scooter, you also avoid fines or penalties.

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