Thorough Guide to Resolve Netgear Router Orange Light Issue

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The Netgear router orange light issue has played with the internet-usage experience of not one, but a lot of users out there. Even the users that have performed setup successfully have become a victim of the issue. It usually occurs because of WiFi connectivity problems. But, how does that matter when we can help you troubleshoot the issue? Don’t believe us? Well, by the time, you have reached the last hack mentioned in this post, the LED light on your Netgear router would have turned green. Thus, stick to reading.

Netgear Router Orange Light Issue [Resolved]

  1. Restart the Netgear Router

Usually, this is the first thing that users try whenever they get stuck with issues related to the Netgear router. And it has worked for most of them. Have you tried restarting your router as well to troubleshoot the orange light issue? No? Well, you should do it now then.

In order to restart your device, you just have to follow a few steps: turn off your Netgear router, wait for some time, and then, turn on your router. We hope that this will help you out. In case, it does not, then moving to the next hack will be a good option to consider.

  1. Verify the Ethernet Connection

Sometimes, an unstable Ethernet connection can also cause the Netgear router orange light issue. And the reason behind a wobbly Ethernet connection is a damaged cable. Perhaps, you forgot to be careful while putting the cable to use for the establishment of the connection between your networking devices.

Therefore, it is recommended that get out of your house. Once done, make your way to an electronics shop and buy a new Ethernet cable. Once you are back home, use the new cable to connect your devices. Ensure that the connection is far from being loose.

Done following this hack? Good. Now, try to access the Netgear page and see if you can do that with ease. If not, then it means that you are still experiencing the router orange light issue.

  1. Place Devices in Proximity

The distance between your devices also plays a major role when it comes down to how well they perform. In simple language, we mean that if the distance at which your Netgear router is placed from the modem is too much, then can be a cause of issues.

Therefore, take our advice and place your wireless devices near each other. Apart from that, ensure that they are not sticking on literal terms. Their signals will clash otherwise.

  1. Keep WiFi Interference at Bay

Smart home appliances like cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, mirrors, and fish tanks are things that interfere with the signals of your router. And if the signals of your device are getting messed with, it’s kind of hard for it to function well.

To take care of the problem, do you know what is needed? Well, you need to change the location of your Netgear router.

  1. Update the Router Firmware

Although the last hack will help you out, by any chance, if you still feel that your fate is not going where you want it to go, then, in that case, it is recommended that you update the router’s firmware.

If you do not know, then now you should that updating the firmware of your device can be done either via accessing the page or the mobile app, namely the Nighthawk app.

But, users prefer not to use the Nighthawk app to update the firmware of their routers. If you are one of them, here is how you can perform firmware update via

  • Right after plugging in your router, turn it on.
  • Once the LED flashes green, connect the router and the modem.
  • You have the liberty to use any connection source for that.
  • Visiting the page on your web browser is the next step.
  • Now, consider doing Netgear router login via admin details.
  • Soon the Settings option will appear.
  • Click on it.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts after clicking on the Firmware Update button.

Right after the Netgear router firmware update process finishes, check if the orange light issue has left you for good.

Final Words

Experiencing the Netgear router orange light issue has left many users out there stranded. Considering you are one of them, we are being hopeful that you will be able to resolve it with ease once you are done going through the steps mentioned above. If what we are hoping for bears good result, then share your feedback immediately.

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