The Everlasting Comfort Screen Door: How Durable Mesh Material and Magnetic Closure Can Elevate Your Summer

Summer is right around the corner! With the hottest season of the year quickly approaching, it is time to upgrade your home to prepare for all of the backyard barbecues, pool parties, and family gatherings to come this summer. One great place to start equipping your home for all of the seasonal festivities is by installing a door screen magnetic closure, otherwise referred to as a retractable screen door. 

Magnetic retractable screen doors are a simple yet incredible addition to any home due to their easy installation and many benefits. If you are ready to elevate your house just in time for summer, the everlasting comfort screen door is the best place to start. Read on for the top five ways that the durable mesh material and the magnetic closure of a retractable screen door can enhance your home. 

What Is a Door Screen Magnetic Closure?

A magnetic screen door is a great and convenient solution to the hassle of a typical sliding screen door. This is especially useful during the busy and hot summer months. Retractable screen doors are designed like mesh curtains that fit perfectly around your door frame. They are created with durable mesh material to withstand weather, bugs, and more. 

The mesh curtains are split down the middle and held seamlessly together by a weighted magnetic strip in the center. The magnets create automatic closure so you can walk through your door without having to open or close it with your hands. In other words, the two strong mesh panels attach to the door frame and fall easily back together as somebody passes through thanks to the convenient magnetic closure in the center. As a result, this innovative and modern retractable screen door option allows for easy hands-free access to and from your backyard and home. 

How To Install a Magnetic Screen Door

One of the best and most convenient parts of a magnetic screen door is how easy it is to install. It only takes a few short minutes of your time to totally transform your doorway. So, how exactly do you install a magnetic screen door? There are a few doable steps to replacing your sliding screen door with a brand new retractable one. These simple steps include: 

    • Step 1: Clean and measure the doorframe. Wipe down the door frame to ensure a smooth and lasting installation. Then, measure the magnetic screen door against the frame to double-check the size and fit. If it does not fit, you may need to hem the mesh panels.
  • Step 2: Lay the material flat and align the magnets. Next, lay the mesh material of the screen door flat and align the central magnets. Connect all the magnets in the middle seam to close the retractable screen door.
  • Step 3: Attach the magnetic screen door to the door frame. Use the provided thumbtacks included with your order to hang the screen door onto the wooden door frame. For metal and aluminum door frames, hang a hook and loop tape. 

What Are the Benefits of a Magnetic Screen Door? 

Now you know what a door screen magnetic closure is and how to install it, but what are the actual benefits of the durable mesh material and magnetic closure? There are a variety of ways that a magnetic screen door can elevate your summer experience at home. 

    • Keep Bugs Out of Your Home: Let in fresh air while keeping pesky flies and other bugs out of your house all season long. Since the central magnets automatically close the screen door behind you, you’ll never have to worry about leaving the door open for unwanted pests to get in. 
  • Offers Hands-Free Entry and Exits: You no longer have to make multiple trips into and out of your backyard. Now, you can walk straight through your screen door while holding all of your backyard summer essentials – chips, floaties, drinks, and more! 
  • Kid-Friendly Access: If you have small children running around at home, you can be sure that they will walk safely in and out with a magnetic screen door. 
  • A Great Option for Family Pets: Whether you are a cat or a dog person, a retractable screen door is an excellent tool for taking care of your furry family members. Thanks to the hands-free design, any pet can happily walk through the door without scratching or barking for help. 
  • Works Well for Year-Round Use: A magnetic screen door is a wonderful home asset for summer. However, it works great throughout every other season as well. All year long you can walk freely in and out of your home without hassle. 

Are you ready to upgrade your home for summer with a retractable screen door, made with durable mesh and a magnetic closure? If the answer is yes, shop for an everlasting comfort screen door today.



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