Scottish Highland Wear

What exactly is Scottish Highland Wear?

Scottish highland attire, also known as highland dress, is the traditional dress code of Scotland. There are a variety of designs of Scottish highland dress, ranging from casual to formal attire. It’s also dependent on what you’re looking for, whether an authentic highland dress of the 1500s appearance or more modern outfits. Here are the different types of looks and what they typically comprise.




A casual, casual Highland wear for gentlemen will typically include and is not only limited to these things: a Kilt (of course! ) and a Jacobite t-shirt belt and buckle and kilt pin. Also, sporran, kilt pin, and the kilt Hose. They’re not the only accessories that are suitable for casual outfits in highland style but there are many options of accessories to put on.


The semi-formal look is the middle point between casual and full formal style. It’s a way to look more professional without going all nine yards. A semi-formal-style dress for gentlemen typically consists of, however, it isn’t restricted to the following the kilt (insert obvious comments here) the belt with a buckle the argyle jacket, kilt shirt as well as the ghillie brogues(traditional Scottish shoes), the kilt pin, kilt hose flashes, and kilt pin.

Full formal

The formal look includes all kit and caboodle and typically includes, however, it isn’t limited to the belt, kilt, buckle and a sporran (an extravagant one) and kilt shirts as well as a Prince Charlie jacket, kilt flashes, hoses, and the ghillie brogues and fly plaid.

Wonderful Kilt Attire

The great kilt is the central element of this design, which is by far the most well-known and widely recognized historical-style kilt. If you are wearing your great kilt, more than half of the fabric will be above the belt. It is put into your belt, worn over your shoulders or used as a cover-up. A good kilt is often worn with kilt hoses flashes, sporrans and era-correct shoes.

Ancient Kilt Attire

The kilts of the past are similar to the type of kilts used in the film Braveheart. Based on who you speak to, they might be historical or not, however, they’re much more comfortable than the classic kilts for hot temperatures. The typical accessories worn in conjunction with an older Kilt are an Jacobite shirt, bracers, leather vests, and boots.


The highland dress for ladies isn’t as wide as the gentlemen’s. The typical highland dress for ladies consisted of a kilted dress, and a tartan sash, or shawl. Also, there was the Earasaid which is also known as the great kilt for ladies. For more details on parasails, visit our page on the history of parasails. At Scotland Kilt Collection, we offer a variety of modern styles of highland dress for ladies like tartan dresses or mini skirts with kilts. Check out our Ladieswear section to see the entire range of ladies’ clothing.

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