Patagonia EMR Software Review And Features

Patagonia EMR Software offers many benefits and features that will help you choose an EMR solution. It’s flexible, scalable, and OnC-certified. This means that it meets all requirements to receive incentive funds under ARRA. It is flexible and scalable, making it an attractive option for practices looking to increase their profitability and efficiency. These features are not the only important when selecting the right software for your practice.


Patagonia EMR software was ONC-certified in March by the Drummond Group. This Authorized Certification Body authorized by the Office of the National Coordinator to Health IT. ONC-certified software can be used to design and implement health information technology. This allows eligible organizations to receive federal EHR adoption payments. ONC-certified version Version 5.1 supports Meaningful use 2014, Promoting interoperability 2015 Edition, and 2022 real-world testing.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services approved the EMR software’s Health IT module. Patagonia Health subscribers are already included in the OnC-certified module. This means there are no additional fees. Patagonia Health’s subscription prices include all elements required by Meaningful Use, even the certified modules.

It is easy to learn

EMRs can be a significant investment in any medical practice. However, it is important to choose a quality EMR. Quality software should be easy to use and maintain. Patagonia Health EMR was developed by IT professionals and health care veterans who are familiar with the challenges of managing a practice. Patagonia is committed to providing superior customer service and world-class EMR software. Its mission is to improve the efficiency and quality of medical care, while also reducing costs.

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Ashok Mathur was the founder of the company and took a long vacation in South America while he was on leave from his EHR company. He thought of a better way while on vacation. He believes patients deserve quality products, holistic training, easy vendor support, and quality product. Abhi Muthiyan was impressed by his ideas and they worked together through the software development process. He managed the daily operations during the start-up phase.


Patagonia Health EMR, a cloud-based healthcare solution, combines federally licensed EHR and practice management software with billing functionality. The interface is user-friendly and designed to improve workflow efficiency and increase workflow. Specialized functionality caters to the needs of small and behavioral health practices and organizations. It includes tools for patient education, assessment, case management, and an electronic prescription solution that is gold-certified. Patagonia Health EMR provides a complete set of capabilities for physicians that are vital to patient care.

So, it founded in order to solve two major user problems: easy-to-use EHR software and outstanding customer service. They strive to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction through providing exceptional service and supporting customers during the transition to electronic medical records. Patagonia’s support team is available to help customers install the software. Continue reading to discover more about Patagonia EMR Software’s flexible features and benefits.


Patagonia Health offers an EMR solution that cloud-based and scalable for doctors and other health care professionals. In addition, It also provides case management, assessments, and electronic prescription solutions. Patagonia Health is a health care organization-specific solution. It offers an easy-to-use user interface. The software’s workflow management and clinical functionality help professionals increase efficiency and keep their operational standards high. Patagonia EMR software is a robust tool that helps practices improve patient care and lower costs.

Also, Patagonia EMR Software, unlike many legacies EHRs is flexible enough to adapt to the growing needs of your practice. Its built-in functionality makes this possible. The system can be scaled and customized to fit any practice regardless of its size or staff. The web services interface allows integration with other software. This makes it simple for doctors to connect with EMR software. It supports EHR v5010, which is a new standard. The EMR software can be scaled as it connects to other PMS and medical billing software via a secure web service interface.

Behavioral health solutions

Patagonia EMR Software recommended for providers and agencies in Behavioral Health. The robust EHR software for behavioral health integrates with billing and practice management systems to improve reimbursement and simplify clinical documentation. It allows electronic 837P claims to be filed and manages the nuances of MCO billing. The system also includes a variety of behavioral health-specific features such as the ability to track clients across multiple services and assign staff cases.

So, Patagonia’s behavioral-health-specific software cloud-based so it doesn’t require expensive on-site servers. This eliminates IT headaches as well as costs. Cloud-based software also meets federal Meaningful Use privacy regulations. Patagonia EHR software should be considered by behavioral health professionals when choosing an EHR.

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