Inside The Downfall Of Rich Porter, The Legendary Harlem Crack Dealer

Richard “Money Rich” Porter earned $50,000 per week by selling crack New York City in the late 1980s

Until he was shot dead by his friend Alpo Martinez in the year 1990.

For innocent victims and bystanders being caught in the crossfires the crack epidemic of the 1980s was a post-apocalyptic nightmare. For the 25-year-old Rich Porter and his Harlem group this was heaven on Earth. Although it was true that the New York Police Department considered him to be a moderate crack dealer, Porter was raking in $50,000 per week.

For a brief period during which the Harlem native was awash with flashy clothing, beautiful ladies, luxurious automobiles and street fame. The story was chronicled in the film of 2002 Payed in Full However Porter’s extravagant lifestyle eventually ended up affecting his life in the 1990s. A rival gang brutally mutilated and killed his brother, who was 12 years old, Porter was murdered in cold blood by a fellow.

Rich porter lied to me about something there was no reason to lie about,” said Alpo Martinez. “I offered him the chance to speak the truth not just once and not twice. He did not die after my partner shot him in the chest], so I gunned him down in his head. It was not personal. The issue was one of business.”

Rich Porter And Boom Of Crack In New York

Born on the 26th of July 1965 located in New York City, Richard Porter was the oldest of three children, who were loved and nurtured with their mom Velma. He had a sister named Patricia aged three was a year younger, and the younger brother William was born at the time that Porter was already an teen. At that time, Porter had already begun throwing crack around Harlem.

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Porter quickly rose up the ranks quickly. The Borough friends Alpo Martinez, and Azie Faison soon joined forces as dealers with them and Porter was the leader of a group that included street level dealers. Attracted by his wealth the public began to call the man “Richie Rich” or “Money Rich.” In the time he reached the 20s, Porter had over a dozen high-end automobiles and was said to never to wear the exact dress more than once.

Confronted with economic inequalities and a lack of opportunities, Rich Porter had committed to the life as a drug dealer. However, a lot of his spare time was spent in taking care of his siblings and mother along with the children he raised: Reshonia, Rhea, and Donnell.

The world changed abruptly at 4.30 p.m. on the 5th of December 1989, as 12-year-old William was still not to his home after school. Velma Porter went towards Public School 92 at 222 West 134th Street herself, hoping to locate him on the wayand was then informed that he wasn’t there on the day of the event. A few hours later she was able to find out the reason.

“Mommy, they have me,” the crying child cried on the phone. “I don’t know what they want.”



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