How do I get my Rockspace WiFi Extender to Work?

For various reasons, a range extender is now necessary for every other building, home or office. Today’s post will explain “why you need a range extender,” “what re.rockspace.local stands for,” and “how to perform Rockspace extender setup to eliminate WiFi dead zones” in simple steps.

WiFi dead zones or low signal areas in houses, thin walls, and multistory buildings can seriously disrupt the fun and information flow of the internet.

What exactly is Re.Rockspace.local?

To configure and manage the Rockspace wifi extender setup, you must first access the Rockspace wifi extender setup. To access the extender console, use the default IP address or the default web address re.rockspace.local.

re.rockspace.local is a local web address that does not require internet access to function, which means you do not need to download any driver or software to configure your Rockspace wifi extender setup.

What are the advantages of a rock space WiFi Extender?

Rock space range extenders are relatively new brands that are primarily sold and used in the United States. With its smart indicator and other features, you can truly have a smart range extender at a low cost.

You have complete control over your extender network. That would drastically alter how you use the Rockspace WiFi extender setup. Some of the advantages include: –

  • Longer range and signal strength in every nook and cranny of the house
  • Improved security and connection control
  • You can also use it as a bridge or access point.

Now, let us assist you in connecting your Rockspace WiFi extender setup to your existing wireless network. Before we begin, we must gather a few items and information that will aid in the installation of the extender.

Using the methods outlined below, you can easily set up any rock space range extender model.

Extender Setup Requirements

Although a range extender is essentially a plug-and-play device. However, you will require certain information and preparation  for installation, such as-

  • A working modem/router with WiFi capability, as well as an Internet-connected laptop, smartphone, or another device with a full browser
  • A WiFi-enabled WiFi router for WPS setup.
  • Range extender default login information, such as IP address or web address.
  • A network cable (optional)
  • The main wifi router’s network name and password.

If you have an older range extender, please return the extender to its default settings before proceeding with the installation.

Please unbox the new range extender and connect the cable as directed in the manual. Let us now proceed to the Configuration section.

Re.rockspace.local Wifi Extender Configuration

  • Place the range Extender near a power outlet and within range of the main wifi router.
  • Connect the rock space range extender to the power plug, turn on the power, and wait for the extender to boot up.
  • Now, on your laptop or smartphone, refresh the list of available wifi networks ( You can turn off & turn on the wifi )
  • Please connect to a new network named Rockspace ext that appears in the wifi network list.
  • The network should be left unprotected at first. As a result, it should not prompt you for a password and, once connected, should take you to the extender dashboard. If you can find the dashboard, please access the extender via the default IP address or web address.
  • Launch a web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Enter re.rockspace.local at the top of the browser’s address bar.

Observe the on-screen Instructions:

The first thing it will ask for is a password for dashboard access in order to prevent unauthorized access to the console.

  • The next step is to search for available networks near your range extender. Please enter the name of your primary existing wifi network. Enter your existing wireless wifi password to connect the extender to the router and extend the wireless network.
  • If you don’t know your existing router’s password, use the default IP address to access the router console and learn the main wifi password.
  • You can give your range extender a unique SSID and password. If you want, you can change the settings to your liking.
  • Save all settings and important information, such as the extender admin password, wifi password, and other important information, on a piece of paper or notepad for future reference.
  • Then restart the extender and position it near the wifi dead zones. The range extender has been set up.

In the event of a setup failure or technical difficulties, please contact support for immediate assistance.

When setup fails, we return the repeater to its default settings before making any further changes.

Rockspace Range Extender should be reset.

To reset the Rockspace WiFi extender setup, you must follow the simple steps outlined below. All user settings will be lost if you use this method. Also, the settings will be set to their default factory settings.

  • Connect the extender to a power source and look for the reset button at the bottom or back of the extender.
  • Look for any small object, such as a paperclip, pin, or toothpick. While you turn on the extender, press and hold the reset button for 10-15 seconds.
  • When all the lights on the Rock Space Range Extender begin flashing simultaneously. Release the reset key to restart the extender.
  • Please see our complete guide on rockspace extender problems and troubleshooting.

Your range extender should now be reset to its default settings, and you should be able to configure it.

Connecting the rockspace repeater to your existing wifi network is another way. Please follow the procedure-

WPS Push Methods for Configuration

This method is quick, but it still requires a few settings to be tweaked after setup. Place the Rockspace range in the same room as your main router for the setup process, then proceed as follows:

WPS Push Techniques

  • Connect the rock space range extender to a power outlet and turn it on to allow the settings to load.
  • When you press the WPS button on the range extender, a WPS light will blink for 2 minutes.
  • Now that the setup process has begun, go to your router and press the WPS key on the router to connect to the extender.
  • When you see the WPS light solid on the extender, you know the process is complete and you are ready to use it.

You can now access the extender console by entering the web address re.rockspace.local or



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