Effect of Electronic Technology on Social Life

Technology has reached a new peak in the 21st century. Each and every aspect of our lives have been impacted by it. However, the way we communicate and socialize has easily been affected the most. Technology is playing a crucial part in our lives. In fact, so much so that if you were to remove the element of technology, our lives would seem completely shallow. The way we work, the way we communicate and network.

All of these things have become dependent on electronic technology. It is often debated whether the impact of technology on our lives is positive or negative. Both sides are equally reasonable. This blog is going to discuss both sides of the argument as well. You may decide then which side is more accurate.

Effect Of Electronic Technology On Social Life.

Following are the positive and negative impacts of electronic technology on our social lives.

Positive Impact

Easier And Faster Communication

We cannot deny that technology has made our social lives much easier. You do not have to travel miles to meet your friends and family now. You can send a single text message and it will reach your friend in the blink of an eye. Compare this to the time you would have to send your relative a letter which would take days to be received. In short, technology has changed the entire face of socialization and how we approach it.

Eradicates Physical Limitations For Communication

With the help of technology, we have removed our physical limitations. Do you have to attend an event that’s happening live across the world? No problem. You can very easily access it through social media lives. You can tap into an entirely new world of socialization. That is the power of technology. 

Access To A Bigger Social Network

Technology has brought us all together. Each person has access to a global community now. You can talk to a person who lives in a different part of the world. Even someone who speaks a different language. You can talk to this person through translating apps. Basically, technology opens doors to a totally new world.

This way, not only are we benefiting in our personal lives but also professionally. People find new jobs and opportunities thanks to the greater community we can access. We can find people we share interests and hobbies with. In a manner, no one is really alone. No matter what kind of personality, likes, and dislikes you have, you can find someone similar. People find entire online communities made on these bases. This is both exciting and terrifying.

We can all imagine how it can also be used in a negative way. The power that technology has provided every single person is risky as much as it is beneficial. People end up getting scammed or blackmailed or even spied on. This is the other side of the truth that many of us overlook.

Bridging Social Gaps

There is an inherent existence of social differences in every community. However, thanks to electronic technology, the way we communicate has erased these differences. All people on social media are communicating in the same way. We all are able to access the same resources as the others. In this manner, we are able to remove the superficial social gaps that are existing ever since we know.

Negative Impact

Reduced Physical Interaction

Social media is the new mode of socializing. Due to this, a decrease in people’s physical interaction is observed. We have accustomed ourselves to this new way of communication that we hardly meet each other in person. In fact, somehow people have become anti-social in real life. They do not want to go out to events or people new people. A very opposite attitude to what is displayed online.

Lack Of Intimacy

It is also observed that our way of socializing and communicating lacks any intimacy. Before people used to have valuable conversations. Today, because it is so easy and convenient to communicate, it has lost all value. People would simply text all day and participate in meaningless exchanges with Do My Classes For Me. This, in many ways, has taken away people’s joy in socializing with their friends and relatives.

Shallow Relationships

Social media provides us with a platform that allows us to create new relationships. People find their significant other, new friends, mentors so on and so forth. However, these relations in many cases are completely shallow. They fail to have the same value they used to have before. All these titles have been reduced to nothing.


In short, there are both positive and negative impacts of technology. However, these negative aspects of technology in our social lives, lead people to become sad, lonely, and depressed. They feel disconnected rather than the opposite. So, one may end up asking, don’t all these factors end up negating the benefits of social media? That is the real question we must ask ourselves when using electronic technology. Perhaps this is the very reason why the impact of technology is so argued.  

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