Blockchain Games That Earn You Cryptocurrency

Blockchain Games
Blockchain Games

Blockchain, in recent years, along with the breakthrough of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is turning into the future technology.

With the help of the blockchain, you can perform instant financial transactions and transfers, make purchases and track the delivery of goods. In addition, blockchain can revolutionize various municipal and state systems, such as the electoral system or the student enrollment system.

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The blockchain is completely transparent, and any participant can instantly track all changes in the systems running on it. This is why the principles of blockchain are studied so enthusiastically; the technology is promising and innovative.

The Blockchain Revolution in the Gaming Industry

Games based on blockchain technology began to develop quite recently.

Top Blockchain Games


The first Huntercoin game was developed in 2013 and was released in 2014. The attraction of blockchain games is not only in the new ways to create them but also in that players can win cryptocurrency. In particular, Huntercoin players got the opportunity to exchange in-game tokens for bitcoin. Since then, the rapid evolution of blockchain games has begun.

Blockchain blocks were introduced, filling the most ordinary games with the ability to develop characters and conduct many transactions, including the involvement of cryptocurrencies. An essential part of the evolution of the gaming industry towards the blockchain was the emergence of games running on the Ethereum blockchain algorithm.

Crypto Kitty

The game gained incredible popularity after a crypto kitty was sold for $100,000. Since then, crypto kitties have cost a lot.

In recent years, developers have been creating more and more games on the blockchain. We’ll talk about some of the most famous games on the blockchain, in which players can enjoy the new gameplay and earn in cryptocurrency.

The games on the Huntercoin and CryptoKitties blockchains mentioned above are still among the most popular of their kind.

Spells of Genesis

When comparing audience size and popularity, Spells of Genesis takes the lead. The game’s unique feature is the integration of blockchain in the gameplay.

This fantasy game set in the fictional Moonga Universe invites players to build and develop the mine and collect special cards. The card system is based on the blockchain algorithm, and their cost can be quite different. These cards, of course, can be bought and sold for cryptocurrency. Also, Bit-crystals based on the bitcoin blockchain first appeared in this game.

Blockchain Poker

Blockchain poker has become a revolutionary invention designed to breathe freshness into online tournaments in the world’s most popular card game. Blockchain poker can solve most of the accumulated problems of poker rooms.

With the blockchain, all monetary transactions and withdrawals of funds began to happen instantly. Moreover, accounts are no longer blocked.


Blockchain also made it possible to make the gaming process as transparent and fair as possible and almost wholly get rid of bots at the online gaming tables. As a result, CoinPoker became the pioneer of blockchain poker. This first crypto poker tournament room will also allow players to win the CHP cryptocurrency, which continues to rise in value.


Augmentors is one of the first blockchain games in augmented reality (Augmented reality). It is reminiscent of Pokemon Go because players must create creatures (augmenters). Then, they can be bought, sold, and exchanged.

Augmentors can be cyborgs, demihumans, monsters, etc. Each of the 50 heroes has its own story and unique design. The bit token in this game is called a database, and it can be used for in-game purchases and sales.

Beyond the Void

Another top-rated game on the blockchain, Beyond the Void, is a space strategy about the future of civilization. Players must find particular elements – cubes – that allow them to travel between galaxies. This resource is costly and can be bought and sold for crypto tokens.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, blockchain is taking over the gaming industry at an ever-increasing rate, and soon most developers will create more and more games on it. It is already coming to the world of the most popular online games and cyber competitions.

And as esports becomes increasingly dependent on the blockchain and players switch to cryptocurrency games, the new block algorithm will dominate the gaming market. Subscribe to these valuable internet deals to enjoy the technology in full swing. Happy streaming!


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