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PORTLAND, Ore., US USA – Black Rock Coffee Bar, an iconic chain of boutique coffee shops will remind clients of fond summer memories with a special menu of drinks that promise to keep customers comfortable and full of energy for summer. The menu is now available in each of the of the 79 Black Rock High five coffee Shops┬ástores across seven states, including OR, WA, CA, AZ, ID, CO and TX.

People can remember the summer memories they cherish like campfires, barbecues in the backyard or swimming pool time with buddies, or even an outdoor picnic with friends by selecting refreshing summer drinks from the menu at Black Rock:

S’mores Cold Brew – The S’mores Cold Brew starts with the Black Rock signature cold brew that is flavoured with chocolate sauce and finished with hot chilled marshmallow.

Mojito Mint – A crisp energy drink that is made from Organic Fuel and is combined with mint syrup. It can be made using regular or sugar-free fuel.

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Root Beer White Mocha – The brand-new Rootbeer White Mocha combines Black Rock’s powerful and energetic espresso and root beer with white chocolate syrup and full milk to create a delicious and caffeine-infused drink. It’s served hot mixed, iced or blended, as well as a shake with no coffee.

Summertide Lemonade – A nice cold lemonade. Black Rock’s Summertide Lemonade is an infusion of passionfruit, blackberry and pomegranate, which can be enjoyed blended or chilled.

The price of each drink will differ according to changes made to the receipt as well as different milks, flavors or shots.

The summer drinks mentioned earlier are available through July 31, 2021.

About Black Rock Coffee Bar

Black Rock Coffee Bar is an American boutique coffee shop which is renowned for its high-quality roasting coffees, teas, smoothies, and delicious blend energy drinks. Black Rock initially was founded in Oregon in 2008, and was founded by the father-son trio of three family members comprising Jeff Hernandez and his dad Rob as well as the brothers Daniel and Jeremy Brand and their father Jack as well as Ryan Hagler and his father, John.

Presently, Jeff Hernandez and Daniel Brand manage the business full-time as they oversee over 75 stores across the country and expanding. Black Rock’s Black Rock culture places importance on professional and personal development for every Black Rock employee, and on providing friendly customer service to each customer who visits the shop. For more details,


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EBI developed the Schematic Design Package (SDP) in support of the approved Existing Conditions Survey. EBI employed previously used AutoCAD files to conduct the current condition verification survey for the new tenant space. EBI relied on any codes that were not in compliance or deviated from the current conditions. These as a basis for design conceptual development, and was reflected in changing the SDP. The SDP included recommendations for the design concept and the appearance of the space, according to the sketch and schematic plans. The entire SDP were evaluated against local, landlord state, federal, and local standards and regulations to ensure that they were in compliance.

The concept of the design was based off of Black Rock Coffee Bar’s current standards, aesthetics and the schematic design. The concept defined the design of the space, including walls, floors, ceilings millwork, as well as all finishes. Furniture, architectural systems fixtures, and equipment were also part of this design idea to establish the size as well as the character and function that the room would provide.




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