Best 10 Liter Geysers for Small Indian Families in 2022

Especially in the winter, a geyser and water heater are the sole devices that allow you to take a soothing bath with warm water. However, if you want a geyser on EMI for a small household of two, then 10 liters is the ideal quantity at a lower price like the bajaj 10 litre geyser price.

Purchasing Guide for Selecting the Finest 10 Litre Water Heater

Who ought to choose a 10 ltr geyser?

10 ltr capacity is sufficient for a person’s bathing needs, but if you want more than 10L of water, you should go for 15L or 25L geysers. This is not a suitable solution for prominent families. However, it may be an excellent solution for singles and couples.

Layers of Protection on the Tank and Heating Element

Throughout the purchasing process, the geyser guarantees that the tank and heating element are covered with an additional protective coating that prevents corrosion and extends its lifespan. Anode Rod An Anode rod is used to conduct an electrolytic process that protects the heating element and the tank from challenging water conditions, significantly extending their lifespan.

Automated Switch off 

It is the most critical safety element you should evaluate throughout purchasing. This allows the geyser to shut off when the temperature is achieving automatically. It not only offers security but also conserves a great deal of power.

Insulation Engineering

If your geyser is fitting with effective insulation technology, it will be able to retain the water’s temperature for a much more extended period. Results save a great deal of energy.

Resist High Pressure

A water tank is constructing from high quality, thick material to handle high-pressure circumstances, making it ideal for high-rise structures and high-pressure pumps.

User Friendly

Today, most geysers are equipping with a temperature control knob, touch control, or remote. Using these control devices, the geyser may be controlling. It is always preferable if the geyser is simple to install and operate.

Power Utilization

Geysers often use a great deal of energy; therefore, always check their energy rating and choose geysers with a BEE energy rating of 5 stars, which will help you save energy and money on your utility costs.


Always check the geyser’s warranty before purchasing. Because if you reside in places with hard water, likely, your geyser failed a long time ago, and if your geyser warranty is lengthy, you may claim your deposit and get free replacement service.

Best 10 Litre Geyser Reviews

Bajaj New Shakti Neo 10L Geyser (Water Heater)

One of the most well-known companies in India, and I’m sure you’ve utilized their goods at some time or another. Bajaj 10 litre geyser prices are known for being very affordable and reliable. 

Havells Adonia R 10-Liter Vertical Storage Water Heater

Havells is India’s most trusted brand of electrical appliances due to its durable goods and excellent service. And this geyser from Havells is the most innovative and gorgeous geyser, with a remote-controlled multicolor LED light. Therefore, it is ideal for individuals who want an expensive geyser. It is much more affordable than the bajaj 10 litre geyser price.

AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-010 Vertical 10 L Water Storage Geyser

This AO Smith 10-litre geyser on EMI is the finest because of its attractive appearance and 5-star energy rating from BEE, which indicates its energy efficiency. Therefore, it utilizes less energy than others.

The inner tank is constructing from high-quality materials. Thus it can resist up to 8 Bar of pressure. And the whole inside of the tank is covering with blue diamond glass, which increases its longevity and makes it resistant to corrosion.

Racold Eterno Pro 10Litres Vertical Geyser

Racold is also one of the most significant companies for high-quality geysers, and this geyser is the most popular model offering by Racold. It offers clever features such as intelligent bath logic and a brilliant mix that may save 30 to 40 percent of power. This makes it very energy efficient and saves you money on utility costs.

10-Liter Havells Monza EC Vertical Storage Water Heater (Geyser)

This is one of the most popular Havells 10-litre geysers and has all the necessary characteristics at a much more reasonable price. The tank is constructing from ultra-thick steel, which protects against high pressure. In addition, the inside of the tank is covering with feroglas technology, rendering it corrosion-resistant.

V-Guard Victo 10 L Geyser (Water Heater)

V-guard is an Indian company well-known for producing high-quality stabilizers and geysers. The tank is constructed from a thick material to resist up to 8 Bar pressures, making it excellent for tall structures. And Vitreous Enamel coating on the tank’s inside offers outstanding corrosion prevention.

Shop for the latest geysers on EMI online at the Bajaj Mall. There is a range of variety across both instant geysers and conventional geysers to choose from and the above-mentioned geysers are best among the lot. If you are confused about which one to get, refer to our list and pick based on your budget. 



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