5 Factors to Consider Before buying Your Jonas Software

Your software company has been working hard for many years and now you are receiving calls and emails about possible acquisitions. Even though you might not have thought of an exit strategy, it’s a good idea. You can always find a buyer who is willing to buy your company, team or customers.

These five elements should be considered before you sell your Jonas software.

1. Correctly Assess Your Jonas Software Value

Before you discuss valuation, make sure that you understand the true worth of your software company. Get to know your numbers and open your books. Forecasts, P&L forecasts, revenue, recurring revenue and employee retention are all examples. Research your industry to see where your company ranks in terms of market share and where it ranks amongst others. Pay attention to what software buyers want and be open to hearing their needs.

2. Knowing Your Software Company’s Strengths and Weaknesses. Identifying the Most Important Items for the Acquirer

Different buyers will seek out your software company. It is crucial to first identify your construction tool company’s strengths and weaknesses in order to communicate the advantages and challenges to potential buyers. It could help you generate revenue, increase customer base, offer the best products, or expand into new markets. Once you’ve identified the core factors of their business, you can start “selling” your software company. This will allow you to align your mission and goals.

3. You will find the right place for your business that reflects your values and goals

You should identify the type of home that you want for your software company before you meet potential buyers. You should also identify their reasons for buying your company. It is crucial to find an acquirer who will care about your employees and customers as well as your vision for the product. Many acquirers are looking to reduce costs and get a quick return on investment by reducing staff. Jonas Software will take care of your customers and staff after the acquisition. We want your clients and employees to feel secure knowing that you have found a permanent home.
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4. Know your acquisition cycle

Before you consider selling your software company, it is important to prepare for an actual acquisition process. Ask your competitors and peers for advice on the process and which resources they can trust. You should also be familiar with the various stages of acquisitions. Even if you are waiting to sell at a higher valuation, timing is everything. Every company will have its own timing. In the fast-moving industry of software, it is hard to predict the future. For example, consider if your company has reached its maximum capacity and could benefit from additional resources to grow, or if it is in trouble and needs capital and guidance to rebuild.

You can make the acquisition process as smooth or as slow as you like. The dedicated Mergers & Acquisitions team at Jonas Software works at the seller’s pace, and is available at all stages of the acquisition process. From the time that parties sign a letter of intent, it takes on average 8 weeks.

5. Exit Strategy

You should think about what you will do with the acquired property. It can be hard to know what to do next. However, it is important to share your thoughts with the right buyer and help you reach your goals. You might be able to keep the business running as it is or take on a different role.

What’s Next?

Owners are often limited in time and resources. It can be hard to do the required research internally and externally to determine a fair valuation of your company. Jonas Software can help you. Our M&A staff can help you answer all your questions. We can help get you started by helping to you think about the best way to sell your business, whether it be in the immediate future or later.

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