3 Hotel Recommendations for Vacation in Batam

Batam is Riau Islands Province’s largest city. Offering the busy business district in the city, Batam also has a beautiful side to discover. Its location, which is near to Singapore, has made it one of the best destinations to visit for holiday. No doubt hotel in Batam are easy to find. Batam also has interesting spots such as Coastarina and Barelang Bridge, Nagoya, and more.

Besides the beautiful attractions offered, Batam is also the best place for those who love shopping. It has a great impression among tourists who look for imported goods, from premium fashion to technology products. What makes it even a good place for shopping is that it is cheap.

Well, if you’re planning to get your vacation well spent in Batam, these best-recommended hotels are on your best bucket list. Let’s check it out!

  1. Planet Holiday Hotel & Residence

This 5-star hotel is located in Jalan raja Ali Haji, standing high with classic architectural design. Its classic design is what you should consider visiting. It has the best view of the whole of Batam city. You can spot various beautiful attractions nearby from the hotel rooms.

Its complete facilities are, no doubt, great. Air-conditioned rooms are equipped with in room facilities, such as flat TV, table and chair, and comfortable bed in various types. You can enjoy a great breakfast in the restaurant, get into its fresh swimming pool, and many more.

Planet Holiday is also a 5-minute walk to Nagoya Hill Mall, a popular shopping center in the city. You can find various eateries spot nearby the hotel, too. It is an ideal place for a staycation in Batam.

  1. The Golden Bay Hotel Batam

The Golden Bay Hotel Batam is a 3-star hotel overlooking the bay of the island. It offers a clean room with complete facilities, out and in the room. If you’re a beach type person, this hotel is a good place to rest with a beautiful view of the beach nearby.

Air-conditioned rooms, nice restaurants, and friendly surroundings will surely give the best stay experience. If you’re planning to get around, you can visit Mega Wisata Ocarina, the entertainment spot and get into nearby eateries spot.

Planning to visit Batam is your best list to include on the next holiday season. The Golden Bay Hotel is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the city from different levels. The warm hospitality and complete facilities won’t disappoint your vacation.

  1. Radisson Gold & Convention Center Batam

This 5-star hotel is located in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, offering the luxurious hotel design and facilities. Radisson is one of the best hotels to stay in Batam, complete facilities are well equipped to guarantee your best stay experience. Hotel rooms overlooking amazing views are the best thing you can enjoy.

You can enjoy a pleasant time in Radisson with its great hospitality. Facilities provided are air conditioning in all rooms, a fine restaurant, swimming pool, 24-hour front desk, large parking area, and many more. If you want to get around, Kepri Mall is 10 minutes walking from the hotel. Various eateries are also available nearby.

Radisson also offers an amazing golf court where you can enjoy golfing. Beautiful surroundings adding up the great vibes and atmosphere of being in this hotel. It is an ideal hotel where you can get your vacation well spent with family, loved ones, or with friends.

The 3 best-recommended hotels above can be your insight about where to stay in Batam. Plenty of choices will confuse you, sometimes. But these 3 hotels won’t disappoint your expectation of having a great time. Grab your bag and get ready for the best offers from Batam!



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