10 Reasons to Use a Disability Access Consultant When Buying or Renting a Commercial Property

It goes without saying that you won’t want any of your loved ones to interpret the WELCOME sign at your entry as “UNWELCOME.” You would? Or do you intend to ever want the feeling of “commercial property dear commercial property” to vanish? Of course not! This is why you need to get the help of a disability access consultant when you are buying or renting a commercial property.

Why should you buy a commercial property with universal design?

The rule of nature is change, and our existence obediently abides by it. As time goes on, both our mental and physical health and our requirements evolve. A commercial property should provide for each person’s requirements equally since a child’s demands are different from those of young parents and parents’ needs alter as they age.

The concept of “universal design” for commercial property is the result of a desire to make a commercial property as useable as possible for every person, regardless of their physical condition and abilities. A previous iteration of the idea, known as “barrier free” infrastructure, was advocated and taken seriously only by those who were directly or indirectly connected to any sort of physical handicap since it was primarily perceived as a notion that is tied to disability.

How does Universal Design work?

Ronald L. Mace, an architect who originated the term “universal design,” emphasized the fact that both people with disabilities and those without disabilities may benefit from it at different stages of their life.

Although a commercial property constructed using the universal design philosophy is neither particularly unique nor costly compared to other commercial property, it may significantly improve the lives of those who live in it. The foundation of it is the fundamental idea that “the design should work for the individual rather than the person working to suit the design.” After all, people don’t naturally adapt to the infrastructure; instead, they create it to make their lives easier. The commercial property constructed using the universal design principle are made to accommodate a variety of impairments. Additionally, if necessary, they may be modified for the least amount of money and work to accommodate the person’s evolving demands.

A very wide idea called “universal design” encompasses many seemingly insignificant but really highly helpful elements for practically all sorts of individuals. Let’s talk about some of a Universal Design Commercial property’s most prevalent characteristics and their usefulness.

In what areas can a disability access consultant benefit you?

The entrance’s path should be broad, gradually sloping, and step-free.

This function may first seem to be designed for wheelchair users. You could believe that you do not need this capability if you do not have a wheelchair user residing in your commercial property. However, if you take a rational and practical approach to the situation, you will see that this element of a commercial property may also make life simpler for someone who is not in a wheelchair. A woman using a pram may easily take her infant outside thanks to a moderate slope without any stairs. Small children may transport their trike or bicycle outside and down the stairs without the assistance of an adult since it gives them greater self-assurance. When there are no stairs at the entry and the door is broad enough, moving new furniture in and out is also much simpler.

Lever handles should be used in lieu of knob handles on doors.

Everyone can utilize the lever-handles since they are simple to use. An arthritic person or someone with a dexterity issue can simply grip these. It’s also simple for someone carrying too many shopping bags or a sleeping infant to open the door with their elbow. With knob handles, this is not feasible.

Parking spaces should be more spacious

Larger parking spaces are helpful when you have heavy shopping bags, a baby in a stroller, or someone who has to use a wheelchair or a walker to get down. A larger parking space also relieves your stress when kids are running about the vehicles like tiny monkeys. You don’t have to stop kids from having fun and playing. Ample room also enables you to provide enough assistance to elderly people or a patient who need assistance getting in and out of the vehicle.

Kitchen and living room shelves should be pull-out or adjustable in height.

People of different heights may live independently and with dignity thanks to shelves with adjustable height. When given shelves that are appropriate for their height, young children learn to take charge of organizing their belongings, including their clothing and toys. Pull-out shelves are excellent for kitchen cabinets because they allow users of all heights to utilize the same shelf without any problems. People who use wheelchairs or are handicapped by dwarfism would also find these adjustable shelves to be quite helpful.

The bathroom must be roomy and have a larger entrance.

The restroom is undoubtedly accessible for wheelchair users thanks to a larger entrance (60 inches) and roomy floor. It is also convenient for parents who need to wash their young children. The amount of annoyance for everyone is increased by a smaller restroom. If a bathing chair is ever required by any member of the commercial property hold, it may be simply adjusted in a roomy bathroom without disrupting the other users.

Carefully position a packed glass pane next to the front entrance.

A door’s peephole, sometimes known as a “magic eye,” is built at a height that is out of reach for wheelchair users, kids, and those who are low in height. The person inside may view and communicate with the guest without opening the door thanks to a window next to the main entrance. It is not just a feature that makes practically everyone accessible, but it is also a wise move in terms of security.

Final words

These are just some of the ways on how a disability access consultant can benefit you. Adhere to these, and you will end up with securing amazing results at the end of the day.

william jhon

william jhon

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